Essential Oils and Ways to Use Them

Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants and have several healing properties. They are extracted, usually, through distillation, which separates the oil and water-based compounds directly from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant or tree by steaming.

These oils are highly concentrated and have a strong aroma and can be used in aromatherapy and more.

The oils are created naturally in the plants in order to protect the plant from insects, shield the plant from a harsh environment and help them adapt to their surroundings. The oils in the plants are made up of very small molecules that can penetrate your cells, and some can even penetrate the blood-brain barrier. 

Although it is difficult to pinpoint the origin and time frame, essential oils have been used for centuries by many different cultures who used them for their physical, mental, health and emotional healing properties. They were, and still are, used for relaxation, beauty, perfume, home cleaning and as natural medicine.

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy, which is a holistic treatment seeking to improve physical, mental and emotional health. You can perform aromatherapy at home by inhaling the fragrances of the oils, bathing in the oils, applying them topically, or ingesting them. There are also trained professionals such as aromatherapists, physical therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists or even doctors of natural medicine who use aromatherapy in their practice and are trained in specific uses for essential oils. 

Common Uses of Essential Oils

• Fight cold and flu symptoms
• Relax your body and soothe sore muscles
• Heal skin conditions
• Alleviate pain
• Balance hormones

• Improve digestion
• Reduce cellulite and wrinkles
• Clean your home
• Beauty
• Fight free radicals 

• Natural sunscreen
• Improve acne
• Induce sleep
• Relieve stress, anxiety and depression 

8 Most Common Essential Oils


Reduces inflammation, supports joints, improves digestion and relieves nausea.


Known for its antibacterial, anti-parasitic and antioxidant properties.


Supports metabolism and can be used for cellulite reduction.


Improves circulation, reduces varicose veins, lifts confidence and can help heal broken bones


Improves respiratory issues like bronchitis. It is also invigorating and purifies the body.


Builds immunity, reduces inflammation, heals age spots and supports the brain.


Helps with relaxation, improves mood and heals burns and cuts.  


Lemon is a natural antibacterial and can be used in homemade, natural cleaning.

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