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Stress is that feeling we get when we have to meet almost impossible deadlines at work. It’s the feeling we get when we have an overwhelming workload either at work or at home. It is the feeling we get when we are living in an unhappy lifestyle of life situations. Whatever the reason may be, it’s there to greet us and rears its ugly head even if we don’t want it to. It becomes our friend even though we can’t stand it. So, what else causes stress? And, better yet, how can we avoid or manage it?

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Stress is a feeling we get when we are struggling with change or trying to cope with new challenges. These challenges can range from finances, work, relationships, family matters and more. Stress is a feeling that we perceive. Whether it is reality or not, only we can decide that. It is the body’s natural defense against the real or perceived dangers in our environment.

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Mental health and physical health are often viewed differently, when reality is, they are one in the same. Explore the ways that fitness and mental health intertwine together and ways to incorporate them into your everyday life for a happier and healthier you.

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Many people with anxiety experience symptoms of more than one type of anxiety condition, and may experience depression as well.

It's important to seek support early if you're experiencing anxiety. Your symptoms may not go away on their own and if left untreated, they can start to take over your life.

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Stress can and has occurred in most of our lives at one point or another. But each of our experiences with stress can differ. Some have had to deal with acute stress, while others have had to deal with episodic and chronic stress, which are more extreme types of stress. Let’s take a quick recap.

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