Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser and Humidifier with Essential Oil Set and 6 Relaxing Sounds

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  • [ The Complete Relaxation Tool ] – Our innovative essential oils diffuser has a 300 ml capacity Using wave diffusion technology, it atomizes essential oils for ultimate wellness. Combined with luxurious design and one-of-a-kind feature of 6 ambiance relaxation sound - You are getting a spa treatment at your home.
  • [ Out-Standing Design ] - Make your space stand Out with our Unique Design Aromatherapy diffuser. This beautiful multi-functional oil diffuser is a luxurious addition to your space. There is no other like it on the market. It's design, material and highest quality workmanship make our oil diffuser stand out from the rest. Get ready to feel like you are in an exclusive spa in your own home.
  • [ 4 Top Essential Oils Included ] - 4 top scented oils set from the Gratia Naturals premium collection - Lavender, Chamomile, Lemongrass and Orange, All oils are 100% pure and therapeutic grade.
  • [ Unwind With A Tranquil Ambiance Sounds ] – The only humidifier diffuser in the market with an innovative feature of soothing sounds - Just choose the right sounds that fit your mood – White noise and lullaby sounds for a better sleep for you and your baby, forest birds, ocean waves or stream sound for nature lovers, or how about the perfect soothing sounds for your yoga, meditation or Pilates practice
  • [ Easy Fill- Easy Clean – Easy To Use ] - Without even removing the top, add water Add few drops of your preferred essential oils. 2 Choose the right preset ambiance sounds and voila!. The diffuser will sooth your senses for 1 TO 12 hours - then automatically shuts off after your selected time ( for safety if you forget to fill the water). With the Gratia naturals diffuser no need to look anymore for Any oil diffuser for large rooms.


Crafted from 100% premium components

It's the Bluetooth aromatherapy humidifier led combination you'll want to get to feel refreshed every day.

- Noiseless and Calming - Whisper quiet 300ml essential oil diffuser holds enough water to mist all night.

- Ultra-safe and automatic - Handy 1 to 12 hour timed and "forget to fill" empty water shut off feature for

your safety and peace of mind.

- Fast, Ultra Stable Pairing - This fragrance diffuser Quickly, easily and seamlessly connects to

your favorite Bluetooth device.

- Sooth and Sleep Soundly with dim Led lights- Blissfully calming lights lend a restful, DIM hue to

any space, cycling thru every color, one color, or no light at all depending on your preference.

- Ideal for relaxation, Moisturization and Spiritual practice

Arrives with 4 Top essential oils - Lavender, Orange, Lemongrass, Chamomile

Add energizing essential oils and music to get motivated for your workout routine

Create a calming, clear thinking space within your office and feel the stress melt away Soothe kiddos (and yourself) to sleep faster with a few drops of lavender and gentle music

Meditate, concentrate, or unleash your inner yogi without worrying about noisy machines or interruptions

Best 3 in 1 soul soother- 100% satisfaction guaranteed: Experience the soul soothing combination of

comforting music, gentle lights, and your favorite aromatherapy blends when you Click Add to Cart Now.


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