100% Natural Organic Pure Basil Essential Oil

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Brand: Lagunamoon


  • PURE BASIL ESSENTIAL OIL: Sourced from natural Basil leaves, this is the highest quality essential oil. Add a few soothing drops in your diffuser to use as an air freshener or for DIY candles, soaps, bath bombs, and skincare products. From Laguna Beach to your home, we create our oils using only the best rigorously tested ingredients, with no fillers, carriers, or additives.
  • AROMATIC, FRESH, & HERBACEOUS: Pamper yourself with soothing notes from nature - you will love our Basil oil's long-lasting and pleasant aroma. It is also perfect for blending with other essential oil scents. Just use a few drops in your diffuser to enjoy the refreshing scent in your home, office, and car.
  • 2X MORE POTENCY: Most oils go rancid quickly once opened, resulting in decreased potency. Our protective bottle keeps oil STABLE FOR 24+ MONTHS by blocking out light, heat and oxygen. Enjoy the PREMIUM BENEFITS of our therapeutic-grade Basil oil for longer!
  • 4X LONGER-LASTING AROMA: Regular oils are extracted using nasty solvents and chemicals. We steam-distill our potent oils to PRESERVE THEIR FRAGRANCE FOR 4X LONGER than generic, cheaper alternatives.
  • NO NASTIES: Most essential oils on the market include harsh ingredients as filler. We only ever add gentle, synergistic carrier oils to enhance our steam-distilled formulas, which preserves their UPLIFTING and INVIGORATING properties. Escape the everyday—create a new self-care ritual with LagunaMoon!

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