Sunrise Bath Salts
Sunrise Bath Salts
Sunrise Bath Salts
Energize- Bath Salts for Energy- Self Verve
Energize- Bath Salts for Energy- Self Verve
Energize- Bath Salts for Energy- Self Verve
Energize- Bath Salts for Energy - Self Verve Health
Energize- Bath Salts for Energy - Self Verve Health
All Bath Salts- Self Verve Health
All Bath Salts- Self Verve Health
All Bath Salts- Self Verve Health
All Bath Salts- Self Verve Health

Sunrise Bath Salts

Feeling a bit sluggish and lack of energy especially during the morning? Get a boost of energy with this citrus essential oil infusion while feeling more confident with lemongrass. The hints of orange and grapefruit are sure to get you moving so you can be productive throughout the day.

If your nightly baths are in need of a makeover, then let Self Verve’s bath salts switch things up. Our bath salts are for those who are looking for a way to relieve stress, ease achy muscles and soothe skin while maintaining a youthful appearance and blowing stress out the water.

Product Benefits

Relieve stress, ease achy muscles and soothe skin while maintaining a youthful appearance.

Exfoliated Skin

Soothed Muscles

Glowing Skin


How to Use

Simply run a warm or hot bath, and pour a generous amount of Energize Bath Salt in the tub and relax.

To create an even more relaxing atmosphere for your pampering time, light a few candles or melt a few of our wickless candles to fill the room with amazing aroma and a soft ambiance. Listen to soothing music while you relax and let our bath salts do the rest of the work.

About Our Bath Salts

All of our bath salts are handcrafted, and hand mixed in small batches or made to order using our natural Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt and baking soda blend. Our bath salts give the added benefits of mixing aromatherapy with relaxation for the ultimate healing, relaxing, and body purifying experience.

Who is This For?

Energize Bath Salts are for those who want to rejuvenate and purify their bodies naturally. If you suffer from dry, rough skin, sore muscles and inflammation, soak in our bath salts for only 15 minutes to receive the benefits. Our bath salts leave your skin soft, smooth, plump and purified while leaving your aches, pains and stiffness to flow down the drain.

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Key Ingredients

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has a high content of magnesium that our bodies need to improve our mental and physical function. When we intake magnesium, our brain releases serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin helps stabilize our moods and can fight symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even depression. Melatonin helps us get a better night’s sleep.

If you are suffering from sore or cramping muscles (especially after an intense work out), pain, swelling or stiffness, taking a warm bath helps, but the healing properties are amplified when Epsom salt is added. Magnesium helps the body use glucose and lactic acid. It can also help get rid of toxins that are responsible for exacerbating inflammation while also reducing swelling, stiffness and pain.

Epsom salt is not only great for muscles, and our mental health, it can also leave a beautiful impact on our skin. Soaking for at least 15 minutes in Epsom salt can leave skin smooth by exfoliating off all the dead skin cells. If you suffer from dry, rough skin, give this bath soak a try.


Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea salt has been used for centuries for its many healing qualities. It is packed with many minerals including, calcium, sodium, zinc, potassium, Sulfur and so many more. Each mineral has different abilities that help detoxify, purify, and soften skin.

Dead Sea Salt is a natural exfoliator and is excellent at sloughing off dead skin cells and flakes thanks to its texture and the sodium content. The minerals calcium, zinc and potassium promotes moisture retention which helps skin stay soft, plump and hydrated.

Dead Sea salt contains Sulfur with has antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This makes it perfect for detoxifying pores driving out dirt, oil and other impurities which helps eliminate acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.

Just like Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt helps to relieve pain and soreness from muscles and relieve stiffness in joints, reduces swelling in joins and muscles due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Baking Soda

Baking soda helps relieve tension and pain while also promoting perspiration. When we perspire, we help get rid of toxins in our body and boost our immunity. Baking soda also can boost circulation, encourage healing and soothe skin irritations related to eczema and psoriasis. It helps soothe the skin and relieves itching. 




Bergamot Essential Oils

Bergamot oil has a light citrus scent with floral notes, and when inhaled, it can put you in a restful state enhance your mood and relieve symptoms of insomnia.

When applied topically, it is known to disinfect the skin balance the skin’s oil production, and even out skin tone by reducing the appearance of unwanted scars and marks.


Orange Essential Oils

Orange essential oil has a pleasant, and cheerful scent and helps us feel uplifted, yet relaxed and clam at the same time. It is known to boost cognitive function, which, in return, can help us recall memories.

When used topically, it can enhance the texture of our skin by promoting clarity, radiance and smoothness. It also helps reduce the signs of acne and inflammation.


Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass can give the feeling of being refreshed and renewed. It can have uplifting affects when we are in a negative mood. It can be used to relieve irritability, nervousness and insomnia.

When applied topically, lemongrass' anti-inflammatory properties relieve itching, swelling, and redness while it tones and purifies the skin.

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