Silicone Exfoliating Face and Body Scrubbers Set

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Brand: Dylonic


  • Banish & prevent bumps – Toss out the expensive soaps, creams, and razor bump treatments that only irritate your skin! This brush is the key to getting rid of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Treat and prevent unsightly red spots after shaving or waxing with this exfoliating brush!
  • Smooth & soften any skin type – For sensitive to dry skin, coarse to curly hair — stubborn razor bumps don’t discriminate! Our unique design features super fine bristles for gentle razor bumps and ingrown hair treatment.
  • Exfoliate wet or dry – Relieving and preventing embarrassing bumps shouldn’t be a burden! Made for use as either a wet or dry brush, this body exfoliator is the essential addition to your hair removal routine. Watch it become your go-to tool for your legs, underarms, bikini area, and more!
  • Treat your skin to our bundle – Skincare is our specialty, so we’ve sweetened the deal with 2 complimentary products! In addition to your soft-bristle body brush, enjoy two of our silicone face scrubbers! Freshen your face with a sudsy scrub!


Details: Imagine beautiful, bump-free skin. With this product, it’s just a brush away! There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on hair removal only to have to hide the irritating red bumps that follow! We don't want you to cover up another day. You deserve to show off the skin you’re in with confidence!

So we developed the easy, chemical-free solution to both ingrown hairs and razor bumps! Touchable, soft skin is just a click away! It’s small and lightweight, great for use on wet or dry skin of any type, and exfoliates as it heals, leaving behind radiant, soft skin! See and feel the bump-free difference as dead skin cells are massaged away, follicles clear, and tricky ingrown hairs dislodge, revealing healthy, sexy skin! Consider your skincare routine complete.

Don’t forget that you can call two flexy face exfoliator your very own with your purchase! The silicone facial scrubber micro-exfoliates your face as it cleanses, leaving you feeling totally refreshed with each and every wash! Package Includes:x1 Exfoliating Body Brushx1 Flexy Silicone Face Scrubber. Get the smooth, bump-free skin of your dreams and add one to your cart TODAY!


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