Kokum Butter - Light, Firm Butter, Use to Make Soap, Lotion Bars, Lip Balm, Body Butter - Scent-Free- 8 oz

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Brand: Better Shea Butter


  • Benefits: regenerates skin cells, packed with antioxidants, light moisturizer that absorbs quickly, stabilizes emulsions
  • White, odorless, 100% pure, hexane-free. Very hard butter similar to cocoa butter, but without any scent
  • Great addition in soap making and skin care formulating
  • Imported from India, filtered and packaged in the US in a sealed food-grade plastic pouch, inside a stand-up resealable kraft pouch
  • A free downloadable eBook of DIY skin care recipes is included with your purchase



Our Kokum Butter is 100% pure, free from any form of chemicals, bleaches or hexane.

It is white to off-white, with a nonexistent odor. DIYers love our Kokum Butter because it has a very smooth and dense texture that makes it highly suitable for several kinds of cosmetic and toiletry applications. It helps eliminate dry skin, leaving the skin supple and soft.

Kokum Butter is often used in place of Cocoa Butter due to its similar firmness and ability to thicken body butters, balms, salves, etc.

It is normal for Kokum Butter to break off easily as it can crumble. Just melt it and add it to your other skin care formulations just like you would with any cosmetic butter, or use it in skin care recipes

For External Use. Store away from direct light.


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