Pure, Natural and Unrefined Murumuru Butter 8oz

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Brand: Oslove Organics


  • Murumuru butter is an outstanding emollient renowned for its superior moisturizing properties.
  • It is naturally glossy and easily forms films. These properties make it very protective for the skin as it forms a barrier shielding the skin from the elements that cause premature aging and other forms of skin damages.
  • Murumuru butter in its pure and natural state contains vitamins that are great for the skin. It also has a high content of beneficial oleic acid.
  • Murumuru butter is traditionally used to soften and protect the hair, leading to more hair growth and length retention.
  • For people that do not care for the smell of natural unrefined Shea butter, this is a great alternative. Murumuru butter is a white butter that is odorless and tasteless and has the added advantage of not becoming rancid easily.


Details: UNREFINED PURE AND NATURAL MURUMURU BUTTER. Murumuru butter is the white to yellowish fat obtained from the seeds of the murumuru palm. Murumuru butter contains lauric, myristic, and oleic acids. The fruit contains a white butter that is odorless and tasteless and has the advantage of not becoming rancid easily.

The quality of Murumuru butter is similar to the seed fat of the Tucumã palm and coconut palm, but it has the advantage of providing greater consistency because of its melting point (33 C), which is superior to that of the Tucumã palm (30 °C) and coconut palm (22.7 °C). The quality of Murumuru butter makes it possible to mix it with other vegetable butters that have a lower melting point. It can also be used to provide a firmer consistency in environments where the temperature is relatively high.

Murumuru butter has the great advantage of having a low acidity value (4% to 5%), especially when made from fresh seeds. Soaps containing Murumuru butter together leave a protective layer on the skin similar to silicone, only it does not clog the pores like silicon. This butter is an amazing treatment for dry and tired skins. In hair products, Murumuru butter helps to maintain curls, while nourishing and strengthening hair roots.

Murumuru butter is used in small amounts in shampoos (0.5% to 1%) and formulas for conditioners, creams, soaps, lipsticks and deodorants. ****PLEASE NOTE!!! ITEMS WILL MOST LIKELY COME MELTED OR GRAINY IN THE SUMMER. PLEASE BEAR WITH US, SIMPLY POP IN THE REFRIDGERATOR. QUALITY REMAINS UNCHANGED ***.

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