Large Moroccan Selenite Crystal Lamp- 4-7 LBS

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Brand: Himalayan Glow


  • The pure gypsum crystal stone is said to remove toxic negative energy and cleanse the mind through pure calming effects
  • Selenite Lamp Light Waves Make People's Mind Sober Helps to Stabilize and Balance the Emotional Body Selenite is a Calm Stone that Instills Deep Peace and is Excellent for Meditation or Spiritual Work
  • Selenite Crystals Help to Remove All Energy Blockages In the Body to Ensure a Calm and Peaceful Environment Guards against Epileptic Seizures
  • Perfect Gift Choice WBM Selenite Lamps are thoughtful gift for your loved one's for every special occasions Like Halloween Thanksgiving Day Cyber Monday Black Friday Christmas and New Year Eve It's the Perfect Choice for your Love One's with it's Superior Quality to Brighten up your Mood and Create a more Romantic Atmosphere for your Room!
  • Customer Satisfaction We Always Stand Behind Our Products and We Listen to Our Customers If For Any Reason You Feel Our Selenite Lamp Is Not For You We Offer a 30-Day Money Back


Details: Handcrafted with extreme precision this Selenite Crystal Lamp is a piece of art Selenite is hydrous calcium sulfate mineral a form of gypsum crystal. Also known as Satin Spur and in fine grain form Alabaster, Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the moon Selene because of its soft white light and many metaphysical and healing benefits

The stone is tubular in shape with striations running along it’s length Selenite is found in Mexico South America USA Australia and Madagascar and formed in evaporative clay beds and hot springs. The crystal manifests in ice-like clear striated fine delicate crystals and it can grow into either in the v-shape twinning the fishtail configuration or in a single extended point


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