Exfoliating, Viscrose Fiber Mitts to Remove Dead Skin (1pc)

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  • Shower Exfoliator for Home Use - Experience Korean spa treatment at home. Our body-exfoliating scrub mitts provide full microdermabrasion to visibly lift away dead skin. Packaging may vary.
  • Love the Way Your Skin Feels - Our shower mitts give you the smoothest skin ever. When you use our exfoliating body scrubbers 2-4x a month, you’ll enjoy better product absorption, fewer bumps and ingrown hairs, and increased circulation.
  • Use as a Self-tan Remover - The 100% viscose construction of this microdermabrasion mitt makes it great for buffing out your self tanner without being too harsh. You can also use it to prep your skin before applying tanner.
  • Way Better than Loofahs or Chemical Exfoliants - Loofahs and chemical exfoliants don’t have the skin-gripping power of our viscose shower exfoliators, meaning they’re not as good at removing dead skin. Our mitts are rough enough to exfoliate deep, while soft enough to buff and smooth.
  • Reveal a Heavenly Glow - Use our Korean scrub mitts to fight back against dry, bumpy skin caused by keratosis pilaris. Your arms, legs, and body will look smoother and fresher than ever before.

Details: For a deep mechanical exfoliation you can enjoy at home, try the Seraphic Skincare Exfoliating Mitts. Unlike loofahs or chemical skin exfoliants, our body scrub mitts are rough enough to exfoliate deep while soft enough to buff and smooth. When you use our exfoliating mitts for the body on your arms, legs, feet, hands, and more, you’ll enjoy smoother skin than you thought possible.

Our Korean scrub mitts combat the dry and bumpy symptoms of keratosis pilaris by stimulating blood flow and increasing circulation. It can also unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs in sensitive areas. The result is skin you’ll love touching Try the exfoliating bath mitts as a spray tan remover. The rough surface gently buffs out the color to remove pigments from the skin. It can even prep your body for better product absorption before a self-tanner application. We recommend deeply exfoliating your skin 2-4x a month using the following instructions:

1. Soften your skin first with steam and warm water from the shower or soaking in the tub for several minutes. No products, oils, or cleansers. Just water!

2. Dampen and wring out the mitt. Remove area to be exfoliated from direct water source so the mitt can grip your skin better. Test a small area first to see if the skin easily lifts away or if more steam/soak time is needed.

3. With your hand in a mitt, use small circles or back and forth strokes to exfoliate one section at a time. Increase the pressure slowly until you comfortably get that deep exfoliation. You may see skin rolling off, or you may just feel super soft! Everyone is different. It may take you a few sessions to nail the soak time and pressure needed for you.

4. Finish with your favorite cleanser and moisturizer as usual. Hand wash your mitts and let it air dry between uses to maximize its lifespan. Take the time to give your skin some love. Exfoliate and relax with the help of our deep exfoliating mitt.


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