About Us

About the owner

Hi, my name is Leaza and I am the owner and founder of Self Verve. After going through a highly stressful moment in my life, I began suffering from severe panic and anxiety attacks, rapid weight loss and stress, and was on my way down a dark path called depression. I searched the internet for ways to learn about what was happening to me, what I was suffering from, and how to get out of this dark hole I was spiraling down. But I wanted to be able to do it without having to go to a psychiatrist or be handed a handful of pills to take of which I couldn’t pronounce their name, let alone their ingredients.

I have always been fascinated with nature and how she works. I always was the kind of person who watched and observed animals and insects in my surroundings; who would stop and listen to the wind as it rustled through the brightly colored trees in the fresh spring air; who listened to the birds as they sang happily in the distance. Even when I had a small home invasion of ants, I’d always try to find natural alternatives to have them leave instead of killing them. I see it as a certain respect for all living things.

I have also always been the kind of person to share knowledge with others of ways to treat ailments naturally. Whether it be in means of herbs or essential oils or through positive energy we can’t see, or by means of giving our body, mind and soul outlets to let it heal itself. And after going through that stressful time in my life, I needed those outlets desperately.

One thing I love to do is write. I’ve been writing even before I knew how to write, by telling stories through pictures. Writing was one of many of my outlets when trying to dig myself out of the hole. So, I sat back one day, eyes blurred from crying my heart out and thought, “What if there was a way, I could use one of my outlets to help others find theirs.” And that was when Self Verve was born!

Self Verve is dedicated to delivering you knowledge about mental and physical health. Here, you can learn about the causes of anxiety, stress and depression along with several options to help combat the symptoms they come with. Here, you can get motivation to keep pushing yourself to be more positive throughout the day. Here, you can get back on track to being a happier and healthier you.

Mental Health

Self Verve realizes that millions of people worldwide suffer from some sort of stress, anxiety or depression in some point of time in their life. We are here to help you understand that you are not alone. We are here to help you better understand the types of stress, anxiety or depression you may be suffering from and how to minimize the energy sucking symptoms you may be facing.

Our articles and blogs are crafted to help give you knowledge on how to relieve the mental and physical pain you may be experiencing and different outlets you can try to help get you on track to a better mental state. Topics range from energy healing through meditation, chakras and healing stones, to a more holistic approach through natural herbs, aromatherapy, diet and exercising. Our products are handcrafted to not only aid your body in healing, but to help mend your mind and your soul a well.

Physical Health

Physical health and mental health go hand in hand. You can’t have great physical health without having great mental health too. But physical health goes deeper than what one may think. It goes deeper than being fit and having good eating habits. Physical health contains all aspects of the body, from our muscles, to our skin, to our organs and cells that work as a whole so we can function properly. Often times, we focus on a few aspects of the body, rather than the body in its entirety.

Self Verve wants to change your views of that. We want to give you knowledge and tools to help heal your body as a whole so your mind, body and soul can work harmoniously to give you the peace and health you deserve. We want you to be able to heal your body naturally with the gifts that mother earth has given to us.

Self Verve wants you to be the best you we know you can be inside and out. It all starts with the first step. We want to be here by your side to motivate you to take that first step and we will be alongside you during your journey.