Lavender Vanilla Clamshell Wax Melts

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This wonderfully calming blend of lavender, vanilla and vetiver essential oils will put you in a relaxed state of mind. Let the calming aromas lead you to tranquility.

Do you love walking into your home or room and being engulfed with fresh fragrance? Do you want to transform your office or space into an aromatic escape? If you want the scents you love, but don't want to worry about the dangers of open flames, give our wax melts a try. 

Wax melts are wickless, making it a safer way to enjoy your favorite scents. This also means they are safer for the environment due to the fact that they don't produce soot that can get into lungs or stain walls or ceilings.

Essential oils are a part of our key, natural ingredients to give you the added benefit of aromatherapy. All of our wax melts are hand mixed in small batches or made to order using our soy and paraffin blend.

Each wax melt is handcrafted, and hand poured in small batches or made to order using our soy and paraffin wax blend. 

Our wax melts are made with the max amount of fragrance per oz., so you know you’ll always get an amazingly strong, long- lasting scent throw.

Our wax melts melt quickly to produce room filling fragrance in minutes. They can be re-melted over and over again until the fragrance is gone. The burn time hours and scent throw can vary depending on your warmer, room size, air flow etc. in the area you are using the melts. 

* Please note that colors may vary due to screen resolution. The pictures are examples of the products you will receive. We try our hardest to keep the colors and designs the same, but please keep in mind these are handmade and handcrafted items and may vary slightly in color batch to batch.

Directions: Simply break off a piece of wax melt (or 2 pieces) and place it in your wax warmer, turn the warmer on and enjoy many hours of fragrance as it creates a new atmosphere in the room.

StorageStore your wax melts in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Wax melts are heat sensitive. As the weather warms, please be sure you don't leave your package in the heat of your mailbox or porch for extended period of time as they melt, they will begin to release their wonderful fragrance and clump up.

Caution: Never leave burning candles or melting wax unattended. Do not add water to wax. After melting, wax may be stored in container. Allow container to cool before moving or changing wax. Wax warmer should be placed on a sturdy, protected, heat-resistant surface away from flammable items and heat sources. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Do not ingest or consume wax melts. Keep out of eyes and mouth.

Please check with your doctor if it is safe to use these items, for they do contain traces of essential oils. Some of our melts are very strong in fragrance and may bother some customers with allergies or breathing problems. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

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