What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant or tree and have several healing properties. The oils in the plants are made up of very small molecules that can penetrate your cells, and some can even penetrate the blood-brain barrier. These oils are highly concentrated and have a strong aroma and can be used in aromatherapy and their benefits range from mental to physical healing.

What Is Orange Essential Oil?

Orange essential oil comes from the peel of the Citrus sinensi fruit. Many times, Orange essential oil is referred to as sweet orange oil. The essential oil has been highly sought after because of its immune- boosting effects.

Have you ever peeled or zested an orange and you see a mist come from the rind? This is the orange’s essential oils. These oils can be found in common household products such as laundry detergent, or kitchen cleaners. It is used to enhance the smell of the product as well as the cleaning abilities.

You can also find orange essential oil in many cosmetics, such as lotion, shampoo, mouth washes and even acne treatments. It is used in cosmetics thanks to its antibacterial abilities and strong, fresh aroma. 

Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Anxiety Calmer and Mood Booster

Orange essential oil can be used when you are in a negative mood. It has been proven the orange oil can be uplifting and tranquilizing and has been used by aromatherapists and natural health practitioners as a mild tranquilizer and a natural antidepressant for centuries. Due to the anxiolytic properties of orange oil it can reduce anxiety-related symptoms when we are exposed to it as little as 5 minutes a day. Simply add a few drops to your diffuser to alter your mood, and enhance relaxation, motivation and clarity.

Improve Sleep

It has been shown that orange essential oil can be uplifting and calming. It is a great way to brighten up your mood in the morning or to calm your nerves after a long day. Before bed, to get a better night’s rest, try diffusing a few drops of orange essential oils in your diffuser.

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Natural Antibacterial

Most of the citrus essential oils contain antibacterial properties which is why most of them can be found in household cleaners or in cosmetics designed to treat acne. It has been found that orange essential oil can even prevent the proliferation of E. Coli which is a dangerous type of bacteria found in contaminated foods of some vegetables and meat.

Immunity Enhancer

Limonene that is present in an orange peel is known to be a powerful defender against oxidative stress that can negatively affect our immune systems. Orange oil also contains monoterpenes which have been shown to be very effective chemo-preventative agents against tumor growth, meaning orange oil has cancer-fighting abilities.

Skin Enhancement

Orange and citrus fruits in general, are known to have high levels of vitamin C which can help protect and heal your skin. It has been shown that orange peels (where the essential oils are derived from) have higher levels of vitamin C than the actual fruit itself. When used topically, orange essential oil can be very beneficial for fighting dark spots or signs of aging such as wrinkles. This is due to the fact that high vitamin C content means it can help the production of collagen.

To use topically, use a small amount of orange essential oil mixed in a carrier oil and apply to your skin. Be sure to do a patch test to avoid any serious negative reactions before applying the mixture to larger areas of your skin. Orange essential oil can be combined with other skin-healing oils like frankincense and tea tree oil.

Acne Fighter

Thanks to the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, orange essential oil can be used to effectively fight bacteria that causes breakouts. This oil makes for a safe and natural solution to use as a home remedy for acne.

Use a tiny amount combines with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil onto a sterilized cotton ball and apply it to the affected area. You may notice that redness, swelling and pain from acne improve. This natural remedy will also help you avoid skin dryness you may experience with chemical ingredients found in most commercial acne treatments.  

Natural Mouth Wash and Gum Protector

Once again, thanks to the antibacterial properties of orange essential oils, you can help fight the bacterial growth in your mouth. This can help protect teeth and gums from infection. If you have a sore throat, gargling with orange oil, salt and water can help relieve the pain.

If you are a big advocate of coconut oil pulling, you can add a couple of drops of orange essential oil mixed with pure coconut oil to maximize the effects. The citrus will also help and a nice flavor and scent to the oil making it more enjoyable. 

Kitchen Cleaner and Ant Repellent

Orange essential oil is a sweet, fresh citrusy smell that will fill your kitchen with a clean scent. When diluted, it is a great way to efficiently clean cutting boards, counter tops or other appliances without the use of harsh chemicals.

By adding a few drops of orange oil to a spray bottle with water along with other cleaning oils such as lemon or bergamot oil, you can create your own orange cleaner. This natural cleaner is also a great and natural way to repel ants. 

Lower Blood Pressure

Orange essential oil is capable of improving blood flow and fighting hypertension, which are the biggest risk factors for heart disease. This is why orange oil can be used as a natural remedy for high blood pressure. Also, because of its blood dialing abilities, orange oil can also be useful for improving low libido, lowering PMS- related symptoms and reducing pain from headaches.

Anti- Inflammatory

Inflammation is the root of many diseases. Orange essential oil has strong anti-inflammatory effects which can help fight pain from joints associated with arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Between lemon, eucalyptus and pine essential oils, orange oil showed the greatest reduction of inflammation.

Pain Reducer

Suffering from bone, muscle or joint pain can take a toll on our body and the way we function on an everyday basis. Plus, being in pain really sucks ass period. By using orange essential oil, you can reduce inflammation because orange oil turns off inflammatory responses that increase swelling in the tissue.

Choosing Your Orange Essential Oil

It is important to remember that orange essential oil comes from the outer peel of the fruit that may be exposed to the outside environment. To get the best benefits from orange oil, look for organic, cold-pressed method orange oil. Organic orange oil will avoid chemical toxicity while the cold press method will preserve the heat sensitive anti-oxidants and active ingredients that can be easily destroyed through the distillation process.

Essential Oil Applications

Essential oils can be used to help with many ailments ranging from mental to physical ailments. You can find an essential oil that helps with just about anything. Think of them as nature’s gifts. We can reap the benefits of essential oils through aromatherapy, oral application or topically. Each application has its own benefits and its own precautions.


Aromatherapy is a term used when we use essential oils aromatically. When the aromas of an essential oil Is inhaled, the molecules enter the nasal cavities and stimulate mental responses in the limbic system which can trigger a powerful emotional response.

Aromatherapy can be obtained by adding a few drops of oils to your bath or shower, by relaxing in a warm bath with bath salts and essential oils, by diffusing the oils in an essential oil diffuser, using room or body sprays containing essential oils, essential oil nasal inhalers, essential oil roll ons used as perfumes or colognes, or just simply inhaling the aromas from the bottle. 

Topical Application

Topical application is the process of placing essential oils on your skin, hair, mouth, teeth, nails or mucous membranes of the body. When the oils are applied to the skin, they are absorbed and penetrate the skin rapidly due to their small molecular makeup.

Most essential oils need to be diluted with carrier oils such as coconut oil or almond oil before direct application to the skin. Essential oils are highly concentrated and can cause serious harm or negative skin reactions if not diluted or used properly. Once mixed with a carrier oil, you can apply the mixture directly to the bottom of your feet, pulse points, the affected area, rims of the ears or using a compress.

You can use essential oils topically through body butters, lotions, bath salts, body scrubs, essential oil rollers or massage oils that contain essential oils in them. 

Oral Application

Many essential oils can be ingested- taken by the mouth or eaten. You can cook with foods that contain essential oils in them such as lemongrass, ginger or cinnamon. You can also use them in teas to create our own herbal tea remedy. A few popular teas would be chamomile tea or peppermint tea. A few other common ways to ingest them is through capsule form, adding a few drops to your beverage or food dish or by adding a few drops of essential oils under your tongue for fast absorption. 

Orange Essential Oil Precautions

Due to the potency of orange essential oil, skin reactions can occur if using directly on the skin. Start out with a small amount to ensure you don’t experience any swelling, redness or hives. It is a good idea to perform a patch test on a smaller part of your skin, such as your forearm, before full body application to ensure no interactions occurs. This should also be done when topically applying any essential oil for the first time.

If you are allergic to oranges or other citrus fruits, you shouldn’t use orange essential oil which can cause serious reactions both externally and internally. Be care when using orange essential oil topically on young children, or if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have a medical condition. Essential oils are very powerful and can react with other medications.

It is best to talk to your doctor if you are unsure how using orange essential oil will impact existing health conditions such as heart disease, liver damage, cancer or skin disorders. If you have a reaction, or unsure about using orange essential oils, it is best to speak with your doctor.

It is important to keep in mind that citrus oils can increase the effects of UN light exposure to the skin. It is best to avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying the oil to your skin. Failure to do so may result in a burn. 

Essential Oil Precautions

When using any type of essential oil topically for the first time, it is always safe practice to perform a patch test on a small part of your skin before full body application. To do this, dilute the essential oils in a 1:1 ratio, then apply a small amount to the inner part of your forearm or a sensitive part of skin. Wait 24- 48 hours to be sure that no negative skin irritations occur such as swelling, redness, hives or rashes. It is best to start with an even ratio, then work your way up slowly to avoid any irritations.

When inhaling essential oils for the first time, keep the amount of exposure at a minimum to be sure you or anyone else in the household doesn’t experience any negative effects of the aromas. If you do, then ventilate the room being diffused immediately. If irritations continue to occur, seek medical or professional help.

If you are ingesting essential oils, it is critical to make sure that the essential oils you use are safe and pure and are a very high quality, organic, “therapeutic grade” brand. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers these safe for consumption and has approved some essential oils generically for internal use and given them the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) designation for human consumption.

It is best to talk to your doctor if you are unsure how using essential oil will impact existing health conditions such as heart disease, liver damage, cancer or skin disorders. If you have a reaction, or unsure about using any type of essential oils, it is best to speak with your doctor.

If you are taking any medications that you are not sure if they will interact with essential oils, be sure to speak to your physician before use. If you are pregnant, nursing, or elderly, be sure to speak to a physician or professionally before using essential oils. 

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Essential Oil Storage

Be sure to keep essential oils out of direct sunlight. Some essential oils are light sensitive and will lose their benefits if exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Some essential oils can be corrosive if used in plastic in their concentrated form. This is also why most essential oils or products that contain essential oils in them are packaged in deep amber or cobalt glass bottles.

Be sure to keep your essential oils in a cool dry place out of the reach of children and pets. 

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